HeroQuest Tips and Tricks – for Heroes & Game Masters!

Are you already familiar with HeroQuest? This game has enthralled many over the past decades and is a classic for a reason. It combines adventure, strategy, and teamwork in a fascinating world. Although it may seem simple at first glance, HeroQuest offers a depth that challenges both newcomers and experienced players. In this article, I would like to focus on the best tips and tricks for HeroQuest and give you some ideas to make your adventures even more successful.

What’s special is that my advice applies not only to the hero players, but also to the game master, also known as Zargon.

Tips for Heroes in HeroQuest

The heart of HeroQuest is undoubtedly the brave heroes who venture into the dark dungeons to fight monsters and unearth treasures. As such a hero, you are not only confronted with threats, but also with strategic decisions. Here are some tips to help you on your journey in HeroQuest:

  • Positioning Matters:
    • Consider your placement in the dungeon. For instance, the Barbarian, with his robustness, can take the front line, while the Wizard or Elf supports from behind with spells or bow and arrow (if playing with the right expansion). Use the terrain to your advantage.
  • Timely Healing:
    • Don’t wait until a hero is on the brink of death. Use healing potions and spells in time to keep your team in top shape.
  • Mutual Cover:
    • When one hero is on the offense, ensure another provides cover, ready to intercept enemy attacks or cast supportive spells.
  • Utilize Your Environment:
    • Many dungeons have features like doors or narrow passages. Use these as natural barriers to limit enemy movement and increase your chances of survival.
  • Save Your Best Items:
    • Resist the temptation to use powerful spells like Fireball immediately on the first goblins encountered. It might be wiser to save them for stronger enemies that appear later.
  • Surprise Element:
    • The game master might expect you to take the most direct route. Consider unexpected strategies to surprise them.
  • Collect and Trade:
    • Don’t forget to collect gold and valuable items. These can be traded later for better equipment. Trade among each other to ensure every hero gets what they need most.
  • Stick Together:
    • While it might be tempting to split up to cover more ground, this can be risky. Together, you are stronger and can support each other.
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Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In the heat of battle against monsters and within the dark dungeons of HeroQuest, it’s easy to make mistakes. Some of these can have devastating consequences. Here are some common blunders and how you can avoid them:

  • Rushing Ahead: It can be tempting to move quickly and explore as many rooms as possible. However, without careful planning, this can lead to ambushes or triggering traps. Tip: Take your time, plan your moves, and let the Dwarf lead to detect traps.
  • Underestimating Opponents: A single Goblin might seem harmless, but in groups, they can be overwhelming. Tip: Assess the situation realistically and retreat if the odds are unfavorable. It’s better to act tactically than to be defeated in an unprepared battle.
  • Not Utilizing All Available Resources: Sometimes players forget to use their spells, items, or special abilities. Tip: Regularly check your equipment and abilities and think about how they can be best used in the current situation.
  • Lack of Team Communication: HeroQuest is a cooperative game, and without effective communication, things can go wrong. Tip: Constantly coordinate, share information about discoveries, and coordinate your attacks and defense strategies.
  • Going All-In: It can be risky to put all your resources or strategies into one approach. Tip: Always have a Plan B ready and be flexible enough to adjust your tactics according to the situation.
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Tips for Game Masters

While HeroQuest mainly revolves around the heroes and their adventures, the game master, known as Zargon, plays a crucial role. They control the monsters, set traps, and shape the adventure. Here are some tips to effectively and entertainingly fulfill this role for all HeroQuest players:

  • Effective Use of Monsters and Traps:
    • Monster Positioning: Ensure your monsters are strategically placed to surprise the heroes. Use bottlenecks, corners, and doors to your advantage.
    • Trap Selection: Don’t always rely on the obvious traps. Variability can keep the heroes on their toes and force them to proceed more cautiously.
  • Know the Heroes:
    • The better you understand the heroes’ abilities and strengths, the better you can tailor the challenges to them.
  • Balance Between Challenge and Fairness:
    • It’s important to challenge the heroes without making the game unfair or impossible to win. Adjust the difficulty to the players’ experience and skills.
    • Remember, the goal is not necessarily to defeat the heroes but to provide an exciting and entertaining experience.
  • Storytelling and Immersion:
    • Use descriptions to intensify the atmosphere and give the heroes a sense of the world and its challenges.
    • Try to present the heroes with small stories or puzzles that go beyond mere combat.
  • Adapt and Learn:
    • Observe how the heroes react to different situations and adjust your strategy accordingly. If they consistently avoid traps, think of new ways to challenge them.
    • Learn from each game. If an adventure was too easy or too hard, make adjustments for next time.

You now know my tips, but you don’t even have HeroQuest yet? Then you should consider purchasing the HeroQuest Base Game*.

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