About me

Hello, my name is Andre, born in 1981 from the East Westphalian province 🙂

My tech journey began with my uncle’s borrowed C64, an old rickety computer that I had been gifted by an acquaintance and which was basically unusable, and a VCS 2600. But the game-changer came on my 10th birthday: My first own computer, a special-designed Amiga 500 by Stefanie TĂĽcking. Sure, I had been allowed to play on my school friends’ Amigas, but I had never owned one myself.

When my buddy from across the street showed up with an Amiga 1200, I was incredibly impressed. However, I never bought one for myself. Instead, I shifted to the “IBM-compatible camp”. I got a nice Intel i486DX2 with 50 MHz from Compaq, of course without a CD drive and without a sound card. A CD drive only became really interesting to me with the release of Wing Commander 3.

From DOS 6.22 through Windows 3.11 and 95a, onward to Windows 98, and all the way up to Windows 11 – I’ve experienced them all, installed them, and yes, cursed at them too.

While gaming was the main focus back then, I delved into programming time and time again: from QBasic to Turbo Pascal, C++, Visual Basic, C# to PHP and JavaScript. Of course, never with results to show off. Only later did I manage to work on a project purposefully, and I released a mini-game on the Google Play Store.

Anyone who gamed in the 90s eventually encountered the topic of networks (think LAN parties). And since I turned my hobby into a profession and underwent training in the IT sector, servers, server operating systems, and large networks naturally became part of my world.

In this blog, I take you on a journey through my 42 years of tech adventures and gaming sessions. Look forward to all the nerd stuff.

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